Association's Estuary Policy



22nd February 2009

The Lake Cathie Progress Association requires a comprehensive Management Plan for the entire estuary to be developed as a matter of urgency. This Plan should include:

  • The prompt resolution of the proposal for Lake Innes to be reverted to fresh water.
  • Remedial action for Lake Cathie, Cathie Creek and the Foreshore area east of the Ocean Drive Bridge to be undertaken including:
  1. Widening of the Kenwood Causeway.
  2. Dredging of the area upstream of the Ocean Drive Bridge to increase water depth.
  3. A new dredging strategy for the area east of the Ocean Drive Bridge be developed to allow use as a safe public amenity and a satisfactory Marine Habitat.


Lake Cathie Progress Association Inc. opposes declaration of the estuary as an Aquatic Reserve or any other classification which leads to it being declared a “NO TAKE ZONE”


The meeting stressed the urgency for action following the January 2009 fish kill and concerns that further fish kills would occur due to the shallow water depth in the Estuary.




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