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A Bitou Success Story at Lake Cathie’s Chepana Reserve
(Southern end of Jonathon Dickson Reserve)
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24 October 2007

Entire area overrun with

Bitou Bush

strangling all native vegetation


26 October 2009

Bitou removed

Revegetation program underway


26 June 2010

Native vegetation flourishing again

with an ongoing maintenance



Tidy Towns

Landcare lodges submission for Tidy Towns Award 

Lake Cathie Landcare has lodged a submission for Tidy Town’s WILDLIFE CORRIDORS AND HABITATS AWARD.The area covers Jonathon Dickson Reserve and southward into the Middle Rock Reserve.

This project was commenced in 2006 when the entire area was almost totally degraded with Bitou Bush. In some places the Bitou had grown to eight metres in height and was strangling Banksia and other trees.

Birdlife is now returning to the native vegetation planted and maintained by the Group. Echidnas, lizards of varying species and other native animals are regularly spotted.

The only remaining Bitou is along the front of the dunes and has been purposely left to maintain the dunal structure from collapsing. Its growth is controlled to prevent it returning to the hind dune area.

This is an incredible five (5) year story of Landcare work and the full submission can be accessed by clicking here.




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